Gamma Piercing's Aftercare Sheet

When my wife Laura and I started brainstorming our new shop, we decided we wanted a really different kind of aftercare sheet.  I was really inspired by Infinite Body Piercing's beautifully designed aftercare sheets, but I felt like I had different information that I wanted to get across.

Inspiration hit me one day: one of my favorite things about getting a new piece of electronics is pouring through the instruction manual, looking at all the cool features I just invested in.  Where was that for Gamma Piercing's clients? They are spending good money on the most beautiful body jewelry available.  Doesn't a stunning piece of jewelry from Anatometal, BVLA or Neometal deserve the same kind of user's Manual as a pair of headphones or a new camera?

Thus was born the Gamma Piercing Aftercare and Jewelry Manual.  Our aftercare is presented as simply as possible, with instructions on cleaning covered in a simple to follow paragraph. In addition, jewelry design, installation, maintenance, and precautions are covered explicitly. Gamma Piercing's clients leave the shop knowing how their jewelry works, what size it is, and what they need to do to protect their investment. The whole manual was written by me and beautifully designed by Dannielle Greenwood.

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