Guest Spots & other things

I got to do these paired nostril piercing on fellow piercer Roy Fowler at DV8 Body Art in Commerce, Michigan!

I have relocated to Michigan!  I am in the process of booking guest spots, so if you are a piercer or shop owner and want to book me, send me an email: Jef [at] Jef Saunders [dot] com

A few additional notes:

- There are still one or two open spots for the new Fakir Comprehensive Class.  If you are a professional piercer with at least two years experience, please sign up as soon as possible at

- I wanted to share a Spotify playlist of the music style I tend to listen to while I'm piercing.

- I will be teaching once again at the LBP Conference.  The classes will be Advanced Fundamentals: Navel Piercing and Disposable Piercing studios.  I am so looking forward to returning to Mexico!

- I tried a new layout for the blog.  Hope you like it!