Nostril Piercing Advanced Fundamentals Video

On June 10th, 2014 Alicia Cardenas and I had the pleasure of presenting our Nostril Piercing: Advanced Fundamentals class at the 19th Annual Association of Professional Piercers conference.

Nearly 300 people attended the class. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the highlights of my career.

I am pleased to share the video I made to demonstrate a safe nostril piercing technique.

I do have some notes I'd like to share on the video.
  • I add the excess distilled water from rinsing my anodized jewelry to the anodizer bath because it counteracts the natural evaporation of the solution.
  • I wish I had polished the StatIM cassette, this was an aesthetic oversight on my part. 
  • My face mask should've been donned before hand washing. It looks a little weird donning the face mask with gloves even though the gloves were tossed immediately afterward. 
  • I cleaned the whole nose and lip but didn't prep the whole nose. In hindsight I would have prepped the entire nose as well. 
  • I've since adjusted my drape to avoid covering the eyes.
  • In the editing process, my transfer of a disposable insertion link is missing.  After I perform the piercing from outside to inside, I follow the needle out with an 18g needle blank with a 26g transfer pin (also a needle blank) bent gently inside it.  That allows me to link the jewelry to the transfer pin and insert it from the inside out.
My sincere thanks to the exceptionally talented Mike Formanski for shooting, editing, and producing this video.