Single Use Supplies (RTFM)

Do you know what this symbol means?

The crossed out 2 is placed by manufacturers on products that they intend to be single-use only.  Because the manufacturer is aiming their product primarily at the medical industry, this means the manufacturer wants this product used for one procedure on a single client and disposed of afterward.

Here’s a few of the things we as piercers know are single use:
exam gloves
sterile procedure gloves
skin prep swabs and wipes
and the list goes on.  Piercers tend to get this part of their job right.

...With one exception.

"Looking good Jef!  Are those LED's on those goggles?"

Facemasks are single use items, which is to say they need to be thrown away after every client. Yet a lot of piercers don't throw them out. I think to us piercers they just don't seem "used" after a single navel piercing... but they are, and they need to be thrown away.  Do you not believe me?  Here’s a box of them.

photo1 (1).jpg

Check out the lower right hand corner. There's a crossed out number 2! No need for debate, the manufacturer has spoken! Facemasks are single use! So here is a friendly reminder, read and follow those manufacturers instructions!